Put a Little Tech in Yo’ Step

After noticing the day drinking, rooftop partying body is not all that great of a look, you finally decided to start working out again. Great… so now what? Working out and staying on track is a challenge and luckily enough for you there are now hundred (maybe thousands?) of apps that are willing to set you up with some motivational jams, deliver some brand new work outs, or even help you stick to your new diet (you decided to eat healthy too, right?). So now the difficult becomes actually getting the right app. Google shows 100 million results for “fitness apps” and even the top articles are trying to break down the top 49… 18… 25 apps. Not necessary. You probably just need three… maybe four apps, so download these, get off your ass and get moving!


Price: Free

What you get: Bodybuilding.com’s in-house app. Select a workout (or an entire multi-week plan) and Bodyspace will help you keep track of what to do and how you’re progressing. The app also lets you set goals and targets for your weight and % body fat. The app has a social aspect, but I have to say the usefulness is debatable.

Or Try This: Sworkit Pro ($3.99). Great choice for those who just want a quick 10-15 minute workout. Tell the app how much time you have, and what you want to workout, and it generates a workout, complete with video instructions.


Price: Free

What you get: Into a little fresh air instead of the gym? MayMyFitness is a great place to start. The app tracks your location giving you the distance you walked/ran/biked/hiked. Save your favorite routes and compare your times with previous results. For the record, Under Amour acquired the company in 2013.

Or Try This: Charity Miles. Earn free donations to charity by walking, running or biking. Need I say more?


Price: Free

What you get: Ok, so you’re back to working out… you’re going to the gym and even starting to run again. But in all honesty, your nutrition and diet is more than half the battle and that is where MyFitnessPal comes in. The app allows you to track your meals on a daily basis and has nutritional information on over 5 million foods. This is also part of the MapMyFitness/Under Armour family.



Price: Free ($3.99/month for premium)

What you get: I know, I know not very original, but at the end of the day, if you want a good workout, you need great music. Find the perfect station for you or use one of Pandora’s pre-built workout stations. Personally, I like Rap Strength Training Radio and the Lean On station. (Guys – we all enjoy our Taylor Swift station, but please keep it at a reasonable volume at the gym… and no gym karaoke)

Or Try This: Spring ($2.99/month). Spring matches the rhythm of the music to the speed of your workout. Going for a run? Maybe 170bpm is right for you. Fast walk? Try 160.

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